Fire Paintings Then there are of 'executions Trilogy', 'Crucifixion during the reign of Romans ',' Execution of the conspirators in Russia '(1884-1885) and "suppression of rebellion by the British Indian' (about 1884). V1880-1890 series artist makes trips to the North of Russia, which could result in drawings and sketches depicting the simple Russian people of the northern nature and ancient monuments. From 1887 to 1901 Vereshchagin devoted work on the paintings that display the military events of 1812. In his more than twenty paintings, the artist shows a patriotic spirit and heroism of the Russian people against foreign invaders. This is a picture of 'Napoleon at Borodino Heights' (1897),' End of the Battle of Borodino "(1899-1900), 'The Assumption Cathedral' (1887-1895), 'Fire' (1896 - 1897), 'Through the Fire' (1899 -1900), 'Shooting in the Kremlin (1897-1898),' Grodno -Break or retreat, "" On stage - bad news from France '(1887-1895), etc. The artist in pictures' on the road. Retreat and escape '(1887-1895),' Night Grand Army Halts' (1896-1897), 'Do not deputy, let go' (1887-1895), 'with arms in their hands - to shoot' (1887-1895), - pays attention to the partisan liberation movement. Here, the heroes of his paintings are simple peasants. The final stage of this series is the picture of 'Night halt the great army', showing an ignominious end Napoleon's army. Patriotic spirit, the depth of images, the brightness of the tracks have a picture worthy contribution to the treasury...

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