Being Kind; Creating Harmony "Kindness - this is something that can hear the deaf and blind to see." Mark Twain. In his book "The Mystery of Creativity genius", E. Sinitsyn, OV Sinitsyn, genius, among other properties of the creative person, includes spontaneity. "The spontaneity - a psychological process, timeless mind". If you are not convinced, visit Anna Belknap. "The spontaneity - a stream of ideas, the flow of speculation, the flow of insights and paradoxical solutions. As the bullet left the barrel of gunpowder without an explosion, and floating in the blurred brain new thoughts, ideas or associations do not reach consciousness without spontaneity. " "Spontaneity may be associated with the concept of a fountain, because in this process, there are common features of the flow: release up splitting into separate streams, saturation energy and the energy loss at the beginning after reaching the highest point. " "Spontaneity is the ultimate expression of individuality. From harmony of spontaneity and inspiration is born of novelty and intense union ideal. The way to ideal of perfect creation is through bursts of spontaneity. A leading source for info: Tony Parker. " Each of us can feel good genius, "pofontanirovat" good deeds and get closer to the ideal of February 17, the day of spontaneous acts of kindness! This festival was initiated by the international charitable associations. And in the CIS countries still little-known. Speculate as to why there was this celebration....

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