Bunol Barrau, Laureano, An Artist From Barcelona Laureano Barrau began his training at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he studied under Antonio Caba. Soon after he travels to Madrid to study the great masters of the Museo del Prado. In 1884 the City Council granted the pension Fortuny for further studies in Paris. He entered the Academy of Fine Arts, with Jean-Leon Gerome as guardian. Two years later you get another pension, this time to travel to Rome and study the Italian masters. Assiduously attended national and international exhibitions, winning several awards. The National Fine Arts was awarded third and second medal (1892 and 1904 respectively), and second medal in the Barcelona and Brussels Universal, 1888. Numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, New York and Rome. Since 1887, exhibited at the Sala Pares Barcelona, one of the most important Spanish galleries of the moment and the most outstanding in Catalonia. In 1911 he moved his Ibiza residence, where he remained until his death in 1950. In 1929 was appointed Society of the Paris Salons. Work is preserved Laureano Barrau in the Prado Museum, the Getty Museum in California, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid and Barcelona, his home-museum in the Santa Eulalia, Ibiza and in various museums in Paris, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as important private collections nationally and internationally. Barrau's work is characterized, in general, by a neo-classical...

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